The Uhlandshöhe Waldorf School is the world’s first Waldorf School

It was founded in September 1919 by Emil Molt, the owner of the Waldorf-Astoria Cigarette Factory. The education is based on the ideas of Rudolf Steiner. Close to one thousand students attend the double-stream school.

The Waldorf School is open to all children and adolescents. About ninety teachers and over forty co-workers are active in the state-recognised, independently-governed school.

Application for entrance

Applications for future classes are accepted at any time. For this a letter with details of the address and the child’s date of birth are to be provided. If the child is of school-going age in the up-coming school year, then the application must be submitted by 10th December at the latest.


The reception desk at the school is occupied

Mondays to Fridays
07h30 – 12h00, and 12h30 – 14h00.

To get to the Uhlandshöhe Waldorf School use the following public transport:

Bus 42 (Bus-stops Heidehofstraße or Urachplatz);
Tram U15 (Stations Heidehofstraße or Eugensplatz)

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